Center Supporters

The Center would like to extend our most sincere gratitude for the following support:

Freedom Fighters

The Center would like to thank the following donors whose lifetime giving has provided substantial support for the Center and allowed our work to free the wrongfully convicted to continue.

  • Dwayne Dail
  • Willie Grimes
  • Greg Taylor
  • Joseph Sledge

Corporate Donors and Business Sponsors

Amy Stern photography for providing updated photos of our exonerees.

Center Support in 2021


  • A.J. Fletcher Foundation
  • John William Pope Foundation
  • The North Carolina Bar Foundation Endowment
  • The North Carolina State Bar Plan for Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

We are immensely grateful for their support, as well as the support we receive through private donations. However, even with grant funding, the Center operates on a very tight budget and has never had the opportunity to staff to the level needed to efficiently meet demand for review and opportunities for policy reform in North Carolina.