Larry Lamb: A Free Man

In the early morning hours of February 28, 1987, Mr. Leamon Grady was found dead in his Mount Olive, North Carolina residence from a single gunshot wound to the chest. No murder weapon was ever found.

In 1993, Larry Lamb was convicted of first degree murder, common law robbery, and felonious conspiracy in connection with Mr. Grady’s murder and sentenced to life in prison. No physical evidence ever connected Larry, or his co-defendants, Levon “Bo” Jones and Ernest Matthews, to the crime. Larry and Bo were tried separately and both were convicted, with Bo receiving the death penalty. Ernest pled no contest after hearing of his co-defendants’ sentences.

Ernest was released on parole in 2000. Bo’s convictions were vacated in 2006 and he was released in 2008, but Larry remained in prison.

In 2010, the Center filed a Motion for Appropriate Relief (MAR) on Larry’s behalf, which languished with the District Attorney’s office for two years. In December 2012, the Center filed an Amended MAR for Larry after a new law went into effect which mandated scheduling timetables for pending motions. The case was scheduled for hearing in May 2013, with the Center representing Mr. Lamb along with co-counsel Jay Ferguson.

Based on the evidence presented at the hearing, the Honorable W. Douglas Parsons vacated Larry’s convictions on August 8, 2013. In his order, Judge Parsons stated that the testimony of the primary witness at trial “was false and that there is more than a reasonable possibility that, had the false testimony not been admitted, a different result would have been reached.” He found that the evidence showed she had “both personal and financial motives to fabricate evidence” against the men. He further stated that “fundamental fairness and due process dictate that Lorden’s testimony and credibility cannot sustain Lamb’s convictions.”

The District Attorney dismissed all charges on August 13, 2013 and Larry walked out of prison into the arms of his family. He spent 20 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.

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