Center Statement Regarding the Chicago Tribune Article July 20, 2018

The Center would like to respectfully issue the following clarifications to facts presented in the Chicago Tribune Article “Absence of Answers: The Jordan Murder”

  1. During her testimony, Elwell gave her opinion as a forensic scientist that a substance that was tested was blood, despite the fact that she knew at the time that scientific testing did not indicate the presence of blood. Per a recent court filing, Elwell has stated that she would now testify that she cannot give an opinion on what substance was in the car. 
  2. While Mr. Godfrey has represented that Sheriff Stone and Deese “had no contact,” there is documented evidence that they did maintain contact, including DEA and SBI reports that state that Larry Deese told associates that Sheriff Hubert Stone tipped Deese off about a major drug investigation and warned him that he could get caught. 
  3. Green admits that he was with Demery during the commission of one of the robberies. However, the robbery victims identified Demery as the one holding a gun, and stated that Demery was giving the orders.  Green pled to both robberies only after he had given up all hope of the justice system giving him a fair shot. 
  4. The weapon was found in a room where Demery had been staying. Police found the gun after Demery told them where they could locate other items that had belonged to Jordan.  The elderly victim of that robbery could not identify his assailants, telling officers at the hospital after the robbery “I couldn’t identify them if they walked in here”. 
  5. Green does not deny that he drove the vehicle, however there was ample evidence that Demery was the primary driver of the Lexus in the days after Jordan’s death. 
  6. By his own admission, Demery also had items from the car in his possession at various times after James Jordan’s death, including Jordan’s wedding ring.